Department of Statistics

Message from Chairman

Mimma Tabbasum

Department of Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Statistics!

First of all, I express my heartfelt thanks to our faculty, staff, and students for their sincere cooperation. Like the entire NSTU campus, we in the Department of Statistics also tried to ensure our students to receive the best possible education they all deserve.

The Department of Statistics at Noakhali Science and Technology University has started its academic journey in 2016. The department possesses a dynamic research environment and offers a full range of undergraduate degrees in statistics. We offer flexible educational pathways, emphasizing the theoretical, practical, and computational aspects of statistics. The research areas of the faculty members cover wide range of applied and theoretical aspect in various fields including data mining, population studies, statistical inferences, biostatistics, econometrics, time series analysis, actuarial science/statistics, multivariate analysis, operations research and more. The department is facilitated with various research and technical support. Computer is the most important resource for statisticians. We have one computer laboratory with sufficient computer and technical support. An extensive collection of statistical software is also available. Students get every kind of support from these labs.

Statistics is a multidisciplinary subject and having a degree in statistics is highly demanding both at home and abroad. Our motive is to make our graduates excellent statistician to serve the country as well as to represent our country in abroad.

If you need further information or have any suggestions about how we can better serve the campus and off-campus communities, please do not hesitate to email me.

I wish all the best in our voyage of academic development.