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Imrul Kayes

About Imrul Kayes

My inerests in environmental science stems from the academic training I went through during my undergraduate and graduate programs. I work on dynamics of terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemistry spanning from forests to agro-ecosystems to rivers and lakes under changing climate. I am particularly interested in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous cycling driven by human interventions and climatics parameters in different systems including forests, agriculture and aquatic system. 


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2. Mallik, A.U. and Kayes, I. 2018. Lichen mated seedbeds inhibit while moss dominated seedbeds facilitate black spruce (Picea mariana) seedling regeneration in post-fire boreal forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 427: 260-274

3. Rahman, H.M.T., Deb, J.C., Hickey, G.M., Kayes, I., 2014. Contrasting the financial efficiencies of agrofoestry practices for buffer zone management in Modhupur national park, Bangladesh. Journal of Forest Research, 19(1):12-21

4. Kayes, I., Deb, J.C., Comeau, P., Das, S. 2012. Comparing normal, lognormal and Weibull distributions for fitting diameter data from Akashmoni plantations in the North- eastern region of Bangladesh. Southern Forests, 74(3): 175–181