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  1. Sarker P., Rahman M. M., Easha N. J., Moniruzzaman M. and Uddin M.K. 2014. Assessment of the Potentiality of Tamarindu sindica, Litchi chinensis, and Dolichos lablab Seeds as Coagulant Aided with Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC). Jahangirnagar University Environmental Bulletin. 3: 25-33.
  2. Rahman M. M., Sarker P., Saha B., Jakarin N., Shammi M.,Uddin M. K., Sikder M. T. 2015. Removal of Turbidity from the River Water using Tamarindusindica and Litchi chinensis Seeds as Natural Coagulant. International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy. 3 (2-1): 19-26.