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Tonmoy Dey

About Tonmoy Dey

Masters in Management Information Systems. A Researcher in data security and cryptography. 



Dey, T., Salam, M. A., & Saha, T. (2021). Evaluation and analysis of user satisfaction of ride-sharing service: an assurance and empathy in Bangladesh perspective. Canadian Journal of Business and Information Studies3(2), 22-28.

Rahman, M. H., Al-Amin, M. A. A., Salam, M. A., Saha, T., & Dey, T. (2021). Addressing Voluntary Turnover in Manufacturing Sectors: An Empirical Study. International Fellowship Journal of Interdisciplinary Research1(1), 48-65.

Dey, T., & Saha, T. (2020). Implementation of HRIS by Hospitals in Bangladesh: An Analysis using the UTAUT Model. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) , 07 (01), 1921-1927.

Dey, T., Saha, T., Salam, M. A., & Roy, S. K. (2019). Relationship between service quality and user satisfaction: an analysis of Ride-Sharing Services in Bangladesh based on SERVQUAL dimensions. Journal of Noakhali Science and Technology University (JNSTU)3(1&2), 36-46.

Dey, T., Nafi, S. M., Miah, M. & Uddin, M. M. (2019) Analyzing the Extents of the Factors Influential to the Level of Job Satisfaction: A Study on Bankers from Dhaka City’s Private Commercial Banks. International Journal of Science and Business, 3(1), 72-83. doi:

Rahman, M. H., Dey, T., & Al-Amin, M. (2019). Relationship between Organizational Strategy and Leadership Style in Performance Efficiency. Asian Business Review, 9(1), 17-22.



Experiences and Activities

Experience Summary
Designation Department Organization Time-Frame
Research Assistant Research & Development Brainstorm Bangladesh  13 Months
Young Professional BRAC BRAC 2 Months
Business Analyst Growth Marketing Aarooza Info Tech Ltd. 7 Months
Lecturer Department of Business Administration City University, Bangladesh 5 Months
Lecturer Department of Management Information Systems Noakhali Science and Technology University On-Going