International Cooperation and Collaboration Centre (ICCC)

Vision and Mission of International Cooperation and Collaboration Centre


To become a Centre of Excellence as a constituent body of the NSTU in order to promote collaborations in education and research with the world leading universities.


• To support NSTU to exchange scientific knowledge with the universities across the world
• To support NSTU to work together with the world leading universities for the promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge
• To assist NSTU in order to facilitate faculty development and students exchange programs with the major universities in the world
• To assist NSTU to share skills and technology with the universities of the North and the South through building both North-South Cooperation, and South-South Cooperation
• To support NSTU so as to build academic collaborations or sign MOUs with the major universities in the world.

ICCC Officials

# Name & Position Photograph Contact Details
1 Professor Dr. Mohammad Abdul Baki
No image Mobile :+880
2 Dr. Md. Roknuzzaman Siddiky
Associate Professor and Additional Director
No image Mobile :+88-01777386633

NSTU At a Glance

Noakhali Science and Technology University, popularly known as NSTU, is one of the public universities located in the district of Noakhali - a coastal terrain of Bangladesh. It was established on July 15, 2001 through the enactment of Noakhali Science and Technology University Act. However, it started its academic activities on June 22, 2006 offering undergraduate degrees in four different disciplines - Fisheries and Marine science, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, and Microbiology. It is very selective and a top-ranked university among science and technology based universities in Bangladesh. download to read more<<

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ICCC Office
Administrative Building

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Noakhali-3814, Noakhali.

(Office Hour: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Days: Sunday to Thursday, Closed weekend day: Friday and Saturday)


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