Department of Software Engineering

Vision & Mission

IIT Mission

Our mission is to teach and prepare liberally educated, articulate, and skilled computer scientists and software engineers for leadership and professional careers and for advanced study.  A central objective of our program is to contribute to society by advancing the fields of computer science, Information Technology (IT), Internet of Things (IoT) and software engineering through innovations in teaching and research, thus enhancing student knowledge through interactive instruction, global engagement, and experiential learning. The program will serve as a resource to inform society about innovations related to the production and uses of computers and software.

IIT Vision

Institute of Information Technology (IIT) at Noakhali Science and Technology (NSTU) actually serves the purpose for which it was established:-To make advances in fundamental research and do pioneering works to help make the world a better place. IIT were established to create leaders who would help accelerate the technological advancement of Bangladesh. Day by day we are trying to make IIT a beautiful place for the students where they can show their extreme love and passion for research. IIT is not a place where people want to stay for the rest of their lives; it’s just a means of helping them get to a better place in their life.