Department of Education

The department of Education at NSTU was established in 2017. The first course was offered in 2017. The graduates of this department will be awarded Bachelor of Education degree after their completion of four years of studies. Now-a-days, there is an increasing interest among students to explore the discipline of educational studies. Therefore, this department aims to create a successful program which will prepare graduates with the knowledge, skills and competences to work for the society and the country. The qualified faculty and staff of this department are committed to keep pace with the needs of this ever changing world by recognizing diversity, ensuring excellence and social responsibility for the greater accomplishment of the goals of NSTU. In addition, for future collaboration, this department has established a good network with faculties of other universities, educational specialists and other salient stakeholders of education sector of Bangladesh. In order to contribute to the fourth goal of sustainable development by 2030 the Department of Education will make effort to lead relevant research and training activities along with reinforcing excellence in ongoing teaching learning practice.