Department of Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Statistics.

The Department of Statistics was established in 2016 and from then it successfully engaged in teaching and research activities. With an average annual intake of about 50 undergraduates students and it has 5 faculty positions in the department. The Department of Statistics offers the four-year B.Sc. (Honors) degree programme where students are taught courses in statistics (Demography, Regression and Modeling, Bio statistics, Econometrics, Bioinformatics, Data Mining etc.) and other basic sciences (mathematics, economics), computer programming as well as Bangladesh and Liberation War Studies and Bangla Language course. Thus, the interest of statistical methods has increased significantly. In this age of information, generation of huge data facilitates to create immense opportunities for the statistics graduates. The Department of Statistics is working to address all these issues so that our students would be competent to not only nationally but also globally.