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Arafat Rahman

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Currently graduate student in University of California, Riverside. I’m doing research on evolutionary questions of symbiosis in the Sachs Lab (

I have been a Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology, Noakhali Science and Technology University.  An avid learner of computational biology and learn aspects of it by doing.

Author of মস্তিষ্ক, ঘুম ও স্বপ্ন (Brain, Sleep and Dream), a book which introduce the inner working of brain to Bangladeshi readers. Another book is প্রাণের বিজ্ঞান: সাম্প্রতিক জীববিজ্ঞানের ভাবনা ভাষান্তর (2017).

Editor of Biggan Blog (, a science based group-blogging platform in Bangladesh. I regularly write different science based articles which are also being published in print magazines.



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