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Journal Publications 

  • Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, OtunSaha, M. Nazmul Hoque, Munawar Sultana, M.Anwar Hossain (2021). Multilocus sequence typing of multidrug resistant Salmonella trains circulating in poultry farms of Bangladesh. 10.1007/s42770-021-00577-1
  • Khan, M., Seheli, K., Bari, M. A., Sultana, N., Khan, S. A., Sultana, K. F., & Hossain, M. A. (2019). Potential of a fly gut microbiota incorporated gel-based larval diet for rearing Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel). BMC biotechnology19(2), 1-10.
  • Sultana, M., Sultana, K. F., Parvez, A. K., Mukharje, S. K., & Hossain, M. A. (2019). Characterization of extended spectrum β-Lactamase producing bactieria isolated from urinary tract infections. Bangladesh Medical Research Council Bulletin45(1), 23-33.
  • Hossain, M. A., Sultana, M., Naeem, N., Sultana, S., Sultana, K. F., &Mukharje, S. K. (2016). Screening of Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Bacteria in Clinical Liquid Waste. Bangladesh Medical Research Council Bulletin42(1), 39-48.
  • H Ullah, AJ Sarker, MSR khan, F Diba, KF Sultana. (2013) Efficacy of Newcastle Disease Vaccines prepared with Blackburg and Komarov strain of Newcastle disease virus using oral rout of vaccine administration. Eco-friendly Agril. J. 6(09): 174-178, 2013 (September).

Conference Paper

  • Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) of Multidrug Resistant Poultry Salmonella spp. in Bangladesh. Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, Md. Shazid Hasan, Md Al-Amin, Munawar Sultana and M. Anwar Hossain. ASM Microbe 2017, Organized by American society of Microbiology at New Orleans, USA on 2017.
  • Characterization of colistin resistance in Enterobacteriaceae of poultry origin. Md. Shazid Hasan, Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, M Anwar Hossain, Munawar Sultana. National Conference of The Bangladesh Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSBMB), 2016
  • Genotypic diversity of antibiotic resistant poultry Salmonella spp. in Bangladesh. Khandokar Fahmida Sultana,Munawar Sultana, Md Al-Amin, SumaiyaSharmin, Md. Shazid Hasan, S M SabbirAlam and M. Anwar Hossain. Poster Presentation, 3rd Asian Food Safety and Security Association (AFSA) Conference on “Food Safety and Food Security’ held on 15th – 17th 2016.
  • Screening and Molecular Characterization of Multidrug Resistant Salmonella spp. from Poultry Samples. Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, Mohammad Anwar Siddique, Munawar Sultana and M. Anwar Hossain. Poster Presentation, International Conference 2015, Bangladesh Society of Microbiology; held on 26th- 28th December 2015.
  • “Characterization of ESBL producing Bacteria from Urine Samples of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Patients at Savar, Bangladesh.’’ Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, Nihad Adnan, Md. Anwar Khasru Parvez, M Anwar Hossain, Munawar Sultana. Poster Presentation, 27th Annual Conference of Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists (BSM), 2014.
  • Antibiotic Pollution and Occurance of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) Bacteria in Environments of Bangladesh. Munawar Sultana, Nazratan Naeem, Khandokar Fahmida Sultana, Suvro Prokash Nandi, M A Anwar Hossain. Poster Presentation, CARES International Conference on Biotechnology 2013