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Department of Information Sciences and Library Management

Welcome to the Department of Information Sciences and Library Management

The saying that “information is the currency of democracy” has never been truer than in today’s information-rich society. With an ever increasing volume of electronic data, there is a growing need for employees who can store, manage and extract data effectively. With an ever increasing volume of electronic data at everyone’s fingertips, more and more businesses are seeking employees who are proficient in managing and extracting data efficiently and effectively.
From day one students will be hands-on in our foundations courses, learning the skills needed to work with information at the scale and speed of today’s technology and data. As a graduate of IIS students will hold leadership positions in: libraries and information centers, hi-tech companies, information industry, national, public and inter-national organizations. By the time students graduate, they’ll get the opportunities of internships and exchange programs in prominent national and international organizations. Our world-class and leading edge curriculum, highly qualified faculty members, latest teaching pedagogy, hands-on training in best-designed lab and research facilities make our programs one of choice for students from varied background.

Mission and Vision


To produce skilled library professionals and support the declaration of the Prime Minster comes from an honest intention to ensure the quality of education in Bangladesh to meet the target of Digital Bangladesh within 2021. 


  • To develop and come up with skilled human resources capable of contributing to the discipline of Information Studies in terms of research and teaching.
  • To provide students with skill and creative mind for improved understanding and effective management of Information Studies issues.

Message from the Chairman

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Dr. S.M.Mahbubur Rahman

Chairman and Professor

Department of Information Sciences and Library Management

Have you considered a career as a librarian or information professional? Or perhaps you having been working in a library and are ready to take the next step in your career?  At the Noakhali Science and Technology University's Institute of Information Sciences, we offer courses to help you build up as a public, academic, school librarian or even Knowledge Manager.


Dr. S.M. Mahbubur Rahman

Director (Acting), Institute of Information Sciences


Professor, Department of DBA

Faculty Member

Officers and Staff

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