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Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Academic Profile of Md. Anisur Rahman

Md. Anisur Rahman

About Md. Anisur Rahman

As an admirer of science and an enthusiastic researcher, Anisur wants to explore the very nature of life, albiet intricate, through its molecular aspects. With a demonstrated experience of working in academia and research organization (icddr,b), Anisur is currently investigating the genetic polymorphisms and their relation to hereditary and/or sporadic disorders, antibiotic-resistance in bacteria. Besides, he is strongly interested in 'OMICS' data analysis for a system-level understanding of biological phenomena like developmental biology, cancer, other genetic/infectious diseases, host-pathogen interaction and eventually identifying novel targets/therapeutics for them.

His teaching philosophy is to motivate students to think deeply what it really means to be human, thus Socrates said, "Know Thyself". He also persuades them to be of service to society through their knowledge and research. Anisur wants to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible.


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