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Department of Management Information Systems

Welcome to the Department of Management Information Systems

Nowadays strong technical skills are exceedingly sought after in the evolving and dynamic business culture around the world. Considering the fact, Information can be compared to the blood and Management Information Systems (MIS) that can be compared to the heart of a modern business organization. Just like heart stimulates the necessary blood supply to all of the essential parts of the body including the brain, MIS ensures the appropriate flow of data from various operational sources of an organization; transforms and sends those data further to all the potential decision-making destinations. Thus, MIS is not a solitary term rather it is worth the definition- the knowledge of information systems; study of people, technology and organization. MIS enables smart, prolific, and inventive exertions in every field of the competitive business world. Thus, a major in Management Information Systems (MIS) will offer a compact basis of information technology (IT), how information systems (IS) are designed, developed, deployed, and used. Students with expertise in MIS will understand how technology supports business objectives and how to achieve business goals through robust decisional activities. Besides, MIS complements other business disciplines. Either a major or a minor in MIS, thus, will greatly enhance career opportunities for students. Keeping pace with the evolving demand of the present technology-based business world, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) has realized the importance of offering academic degrees and higher research opportunities in MIS with a view to meeting global demand of competent business graduate from Bangladesh. With that vision in the soul, the Department of Management Information Systems has started its journey on 17th of September, 2018. This department aims at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Information Technology integrated with business knowledge. Currently, the department is offering a 4-Year Bachelor of Business Administration degree in MIS (BBA in MIS). Other higher study and research opportunities are on the pipeline.

Mission and Vision


Creating knowledge with a difference.


To be a comprehensive hub of scholastic superiority,specialized expertise, and relative research in Management Information Systems.

Message from the Chairman

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Dr. Md. Ziaul Haque

Chairman and Associate Professor

Department of Management Information Systems

The emergence of the 4th industrial revolution is constantly demanding the need for integration of Business along with Information Technology and such integration is being considered as the most critical success factor in any area of today’s dynamic business surroundings. Management Information Systems, as an academic discipline, aims at producing knowledge to make the trend more significant. Management information systems (MIS) is a changing and challenging field. Modern businesses can’t survive for long without using some sort of MIS to manage massive amounts of data, and there are plenty of opportunities to study or work in the discipline. Department of Management Information Sytems under Noakhali Science and Technology University is determined to prepare students for challenging positions in the application of information technology to solving business problems. MIS is designed to complement students’ primary area of study by providing a background in and understanding of decision-making processes in organizations, organizational needs for information systems development, and application of modern MIS concepts and tools to meet organizational needs. Our courses are developed and delivered by our highly qualified and exceptional faculty members along with the experts in academic and insutrial sectors. We are constantly researching on   our curriculum keeping the concept in mind that “change-challenge-change.” We hope our contibution to the development of our belonging country will be marked as the change-maker by our students and teachers. I welcome students to the Department of Management Information Systems, Noakhali Science and Technology University.

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