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Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science

Welcome to the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science


Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science (FTNS Dept.) started its journey from Session 2011-12 with two faculty members and thirty six students. The Department offers Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Technology and Nutrition Science and Master’s in Food Safety and Public Health Degrees, which mainly focused on the interrelation among Food Technology, Human Nutrition and Public Health. The Department is currently situated on the 4th Floor of the beautiful Academic Building-2, Noakhali Science & Technology University. The Department boasts of having separated and specialized laboratories, seminar room and research facilities for its students, faculty members and researchers. At present there are 15 faculty members (Assistant Professors and Lecturers) who are involved in teaching and performing their research with brilliance and perseverance.

The aim of this Department is to produce highly qualified graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge on different branches of Food Technology & Nutrition Science in order to meet the global high standards of academia as well as industrial and development sectors. The curriculum are mainly ranges from basic knowledge of Human Nutrition and Food Technology to recent innovations in these fields featuring on Nutritional Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Dietetics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Development Economics, Public Health, Food Science, Food Microbiology, Food Safety Regulations, Food Security & Climate Change, Public Health & Community Nutrition etc. The academic curriculum also includes compulsory training on field surveys & surveillance methods, individual project planning and execution, case study, industrial and hospital visits as well as participation on community health promotion. All these activities empower students to learn about different problems, how to solve them and come up with better and fitter plans which our society and country need for the development.

Carrier opportunities:

Graduates can choose their career from wide varieties of fields ranging from basic research in Human Nutrition and Food Technology to applied experimental research at universities or at public and private research institutes. They can also get involved in quality management and product development in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as diet and clinical nutrition field in various hospitals and diet counseling centers. Furthermore, there are myriad of opportunities in the field of public health and community nutrition in various Government, non-government and international development organizations working in our country. So, there are limitless possibilities in this vast field which are largely unexplored in so many areas.

Mission and Vision

Vision and Mission:

  1. To be a centre of excellence in education, research & innovation, outreach and training in Food Technology and Nutrition science with emphasis on food technology, food safety & security and public health.
  2. To be a premier in the Discipline of Food Technology & Nutrition Science locally and globally for providing education, performing research and innovation through nutritional survey and surveillance, laboratory experiments and training.
  3. To provide high quality education, research and training in traditional and emerging field of Food Technology and Nutrition Science for addressing the present and future needs of the country.
  4. To provide high quality researcher, planners with high moral and ethical values.
  5. To play an important role in nutrition advocacy drawing attention to the urgency of the nutritional problems and recommending means to address it.
  6. To undertake research and consultancy services in industrial, educational and society based areas in line with policy implication.

Core Values

The Department of Food Technology & Nutrition Science is seriously committed to realize its vision and mission. It operates within certain treasured beliefs & strategies, which have contributed to its success and will continue to do so. The Department as part of the University will:

  1. Uphold professionalism and ethics in all its dealings with its stakeholders.
  2. Be accountable and transparent in all its operations.
  3. Uphold integrity, honesty and quality in teaching, research and all other activities.
  4. Promote participatory management and effective teamwork in all its activities and operations.
  5. Promote and maintain linkages with government, national and international organizations, food industries, other institutions and alumni.
  6. Uphold dignity of all members of staff and students.
  7. Recognize and esteem ideas and innovations.

Strategic Objectives

As one of the leading Department of the University, we are guided by the following principals in order to realize its vision and to translate the missions:

  1. Effective management of resources with integrity, innovation, and commitment
  2. To produce quality and holistic graduates in Food Technology & Nutrition Science.
  3. Advance and consolidate scientific and technological innovations in food technology, nutrition, food safety and public health,
  4. Enhancement of the competitiveness of the department as a centre of excellence in this particular field of study,

Message from the Chairman

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Syeda Saima Alam

Chairman and Assistant Professor

Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Science

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Faculty Member

Officers and Staff

# Name Designation Photo Contact Number
1 Unzila Parvin Lab Technician 01723670456
2 Md. Emdadul Karim Tahim Lab Attendant 01921529711
3 Md. Mahbub Alam Lab Attendant 01731858817
4 Aminul Islam Computer Operator 01838300299
5 Nazrul Islam Senior Assistant cum computer Operator 01811285763
6 Md. Ahsan Ullah LDA Cum Computer Operator 01812669662

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